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Avant Composition + Sizzurp, Pretense + Purpose

Robert Ashley and Slim Thug: Guided By Voices (sorry, that's really bad, I know)

This really should happen. Slim Thug = not particularly comforting. Ashley = sometimes transcendentally comforting, esp. Private Parts. Lyric: "I am a city of habits" still gets me every time. So hear every bit of flicking saliva and ultra-sibilant drawl through some harmonium drones. Houston meets the heavenly, the southern-smoke and spoken Palestrina.


In response to J.T.'s comment below on my post re: Lady Sov., I'm not really sure where the backlash is coming from. Gosh, it reminds me of being in middle school again. The cool kids go to the show and everyone's showing off t-shirts the next morning. So what? I don't really know the NYC bloggerati all that well (I have met a few, and they're all basically wonderful). I was busy dancing up front, backpack and all. The exposure's doing her well, and it wasn't like it's all hipinion; my Dad called the other day:

"The NY Times reviewed that Sister Sovereign... Lady Sovereign show you went to the other night. They said it was 'fab.'"

"Dad, did they really say 'fab.'"

"No, well, that was my word, but..."

On another note, my nearly always wise friend Caleb said: "What do you get out of blogging about music? I find that once you take a small step back from stuff like that, you realize how it's kinda trivial." Well, I don't necessarily agree, but I do wonder what we get out of this whole editor-less universe (at worst, it's internet friends). I stumbled and said, "well sometimes people pose open questions and then other bloggers write emails and it's kind of like sustaining a dialogue or open-ended forum of ideas between a bunch of people with a similar focus, i.e. music." Can we do this more? Who's in? All four of you?

Has there ever been some serious, defining, championing literature on Steely Dan? I'm not kidding, let me know.


Blogger Ian said...

I'm in, if we actually listen to enough of the same stuff to have much to talk about.

And someone needs to take a second look at Steely Dan for sure. I think I said something nice about "Deacon Blues" recently, but I'm only familiar with the best-of - we need someone who knows all the albums, recent ones included.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Quizmox said...

i agree with caleb, absolutely.
and i also agree with you.
i will always speak if i have something to say. i often need prompts.
and an internet connection.
oh, and that editor you were talking about.

2:57 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

I just relistened to my copy of Katy Lied, and I'm thinking the Dan is up for some serious critical resuscitation. If one is under 25, SD means little to him/her, and that ought to change.

9:34 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

Why blog? I think you're right in the conversational aspect. In the music world, it's not as if we're doing journals or personal magazines or anything like that; we're just talking, and that's a lot better than not talking.

Unless it's about Steely Dan. ;)

12:29 PM  

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