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Tonight, a Car Backfired; Later, Another Car Fired Back (I'm Serious)


Not so nice.

Above, you'll see two covers for the new Amado & Mariam album, for which I am currently only able to express unabashed appreciation, save a couple moments that Manu Chao kinda clashes with and subsequently mucks up a bit. The dignified, reserved cover is for the UK and "world" release, which I was able to pick up today for about 13 dollars at Virgin Megastore, of all places. Of course, I guess you could buy the import on Amazon for $28. The other cover is for the Nonesuch release on August 2. Nonesuch: "hey, you guys are blind and African and make beautiful music, can't you put on some more... 'traditional' clothes and smile real big?" Super gives me the jitters. Doesn't make a huge diff., the music is absolutely awesome.

In other news, Todd B. shamed me by pointing out that the Faith No More I was playing for him with total fearlessness and love actually did sound foully like Limp Bizkit, and a good chunk of the Keyshia Cole album is finally making me take note of contemporary R&B.


Blogger Calico said...

god, that is such poor form from nonesuch.

12:16 AM  

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