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Instructions for How to Think Like a Child Again

I just beat the drizzle by a minute and now am looking lolly-eyed at the buildings getting their wet-warm summer wash.

Nike apologized for using the Minor Threat art, which seems only appropriate. Still, it feels like a conflicted victory, as does John Darnielle's cover of "Pet Politics" on The Believer comp. The original is about as good as anything gets in this fragile boy's opinion, incl. ice cream, psychedelics, and kickball, but probably excepting swift and dazzling revolution. Still, a place of comfort. My friend Josh always had this plan to drive to Nashville, find Dave Berman's house, knock on the door, tell him "everything is going to be okay," and hold him without mercy or restraint. For the first time, I'd rather John Darnielle didn't; there's something in his Americana that's a heartbreak all its own, but a bright-orange agitated one, where Berman, especially Natural Bridge-era Berman, is rainstorm melancholia that just drags on in gorgeous sepias. Oh well, I can't say I wasn't thrilled to hear it anyhow.


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