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(Pun regarding Belief, Believing in, etc.)

Kelefa Sanneh in the Times about The Believer music issue, which was predictable. Rockism in action though, a fantastic specimen. It's a little bit unfair though, becuase the McSweeny's/Believer audience has always seemed like the kind of group that aspires in theory to big-eyed anything-goes wide-world fascination, when in reality they're probably an incredibly insular bunch. Some historical esoterica, dress it up in outdated legalese: a formula. Whatever, they're a smart group for sure, but I wouldn't've expected anything more than what they gave. The bit about Joanna Newsom expressing a "deep, universal pain" is actually extremely hilarious though. I must be a philistine; I find her music pretty uplifting, the sadness all contained, prettied, and comfortable, like "this is my time to reflect on the cool melancholy of the world." Well-packaged! Speaking of tapping into deep, universal joy, a new Kevin Blechdom album and this Steve "Silk" Hurley mix; I can't claim to have ever known about this guy as I am incredibly deficient in these matters (but getting better), though I can claim to really enjoy this, right?


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