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Everybody loves a letdown

Facing 10am with a couple.

Last night I went to Lincoln Center to see Yo La Tengo perform The Sounds of Science to the playful surrealism of Jean Painlevé's marine life documentaries. I wondered why I had felt so let down by the event; perhaps my taste buds just aren't developed to appreciate the particular dynamics of incidental music, but I have a suspicion that it just didn't suit the films as well as I expected. Would've preferred Sun Ra. Also could've gone for Manitoba with a valium drip, Luomo, or some bright-eyed Double Leopards dirges (if they blanked out the punchy subtitles). Alas.

Also, R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet, Chapter 2." *This will spoil.* The first chapter had me geniuinely excited, like play it for all your friends on repeat while they're clearly trying to get some rest excited. Hearing R.'s wail of "I tried my best to quickly put it on vi-ah-ah-brate" on Ch. 1 was shaping up to be the best 5 seconds of 2005, the kind of lyric that is completely in its era, unbelievably ridiculous, but so perfect in its cultural near-and-dear approachability. Ch. 2 plays out the phone-ring thing, recycles the same beat, and turns the great harmonic/structural tentions of the first chapter into a Thanatonic mess of clumsy and successive ejaculations. By the end, it's not really awesome-exhausted, just kinda crippled and boring. Oh, and the woman's husband is a priest. Oh, and he's got a lover. "I'll be goddamned, it's a man." And who the hell says things like "In time, you shall both know the shocking truth"? I dunno, let's see if he can pick up the pieces on this one. The Christian thing is ever-intriguing in the R. profile; let's not forget that this suite is still poised to reconcile the studied/flippant immorality of "Ignition" with "I Believe I can Fly," though I'd be on-my-back in love if the short film to accompany the songs feels anything like Space Jam.


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