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And My God, Her "Trousers"

Lady Sovereign at the Knitting Factory last night. Firstly, realized that KF were kinda breaking this whole U.K. thing NY-side, with a back-to-back Kano/Roll Deep bill in August, whoa.

Anyway, it was all there: the curfew-breaking shit-talking kid sister routine, poise, swagger, side pony tail (and this weird interruption of cornrows sliding towards it), Sex Pistols shirt, pants just falling off.

She was visibly weak, and the whole "I'm not feelin awwright, I'm iww" thing was reliable confirmation. Whether it was McDonalds or just the fact that she is 18 years old and packing rooms in New York and therefore probably getting really drunk while she's around, the important thing is:

She is devastatingly charming.

Skipping CDs? Okay. Promises/threats of vomiting onstage? Fine. Nothing really seemed to matter. Her presence = opiate. At one point, she said something to the effect of "this whole thing's going to turn into a comedy show." Well, the whole thing was funny, but also kinda touching. I don't know, she had that kid-human "I'm sick and I want my mum and my couch" thing going on, which was plain honest. She didn't whine and didn't overapologize; she got going when she could and she seemed really pretty happy to be there. I hope she never gets old.


Blogger blackmail is my life said...

The unintentional viral marketing for Lady Sov is amazing. I guess that's what makes it viral marketing, and is the point of bringing a lot of critics and blog wonks into the fold. Unfortunately for the artist (I think), this sort of critical mass doesn't result in the timely release of information that helps keep it like a secret - after all, most folks want their music to seem special in some way or another, and this just doesn't accomplish it. So maybe the terrorists do win.

Nice blog, Michael!

4:49 PM  

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