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Powerless to Resist

People liked the first batch
Since we are all prostitues;
A few more haikus


VA, RWD The Mixtape, Vol. 1

Give the elderly
Heart failure twice as fast as
Devo chased with meth


M.I.A., Arular

Malcolm McLaren
Somewhere reading Pazz & Jop
Laughing heartily


Sunn o))), Black One

Hey I found your tape
Of the fan through a fuzz box
Screwed and chopped


Fall, Fall Heads Roll

Is anyone else
Starting to wonder if he
Might be immortal?


Repetition re
petition repetition
Repetition re


Excepter, Throne, Self Destruction, and Sunbomber

I won't be sure if
This is spooky or stupid
Until I come down


Paavoharju, Yhä Hämärää

The lyrics might mean
"Save us from these fuckin' woods."
Shame it's in Finnish.


I am done for now
Let's just piss these syllables
Off this rail right here


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