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This Is Also Sort of About Lil Wayne

Another Stycast. I only post it here because I realized that we talk about Cat Power after Edith Frost but not Edith Frost after Cat Power, or really even Cat Power after Cat Power. Also, Edith Frost was in the "hot" Stycast and Lil Wayne wasn't. Also, "The Rain" was. Also Brad Shoup was a perfect gentleman, totally unpretentious, and good conversation, making a sturdy case for Texas being the land of plentiful, easygoing soft-focus fraternizing (though it is a big state, I know). Alright, the point is, I'm sorry for dissing B.B. King.


Blogger Brad said...

You oughta apologize to Ms. Marshall. I'm still not sure if she did a Bad Thing or an Artistic Thing in that desert.

8:08 AM  

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