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Lowercase Creatures So Hot Right Now

Friday again. This isn't my place for personal updates, but I will say that I'm exceptionally happy to be hosting Donald and Smittles this evening. Two of my best friends from down Virginia way, their lives are best summed up by a love encompassing Classics (the Greek & Latin kind), the sport of golf, and AC/DC. In short, they know how to relax in real time.

Here's the new off-the-cuff Friday flow-change. Young Jeezy's "Go Crazy" remix kinda makes me a little bit; there's something exceptionally druggy about the horn sample all folding over on itself, a slo-mo instant replay for a few cycles before capitulating in its own origin, holy hip-hop Moebius strip syndrome I love it. In other glories, I returned to the Robyn album to be reminded of the Petri dish funk of "Konichiwa Bitches," and the gauzy square-wave sock-hop underpinning the call-and-response between Robyn and the Intergalactic Spacecraft Flight Attendant. Thanks for that, too.

And the new Animal Collective album. More thoughts will come in time, because now I'm still too, you know, to say anything coherent about it.


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