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Fan Letter #2

Dear Mister Tom Russell,

I got to thinking the other day that I want you to kick my ass because sometimes I'm dumb and there's not a body around smart enough to kick my ass.

Because once a year I get stuck like a fly on honey to some record all hot with honesty and simplicity and last year it was the Hold Steady's Separation Sunday and this year it's your Love and Fear. I got a broken heart and what's worse is that all the pieces are ugly and I can't find them where they went to the other time this happened. And I even sort of got to talk to Dr. Ali about you and I don't even bother talking to Dr. Ali about her but Dr. Ali wouldn't kick my ass even if I asked him to because he says he only gets paid to "make observations."

So I listen to you and it's the next best thing to you kicking my ass because every time you tell the truth (and you tell it an awful lot), it's like someone's got my pinky in a nutcracker. And you do it straight and old and a little country, but like Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen or some other White Guy. But I think you mean it more or maybe you mean it less because I think it's easier to be smart about a feeling that's gone than one you're all tied up in right then, I think.

And so I like my cum-cum disco and dubstep and wild Brazilian music but I will give some of my feeling over and call to you because I only have got you and her to give my feeling to and only one of you's likely to answer anymore.

With Respect

The Sensitive Side of PBW, Wearing Denim in the Shade


Blogger Alfred said...

He looks like Neil Tennant. Yes, he once posed with a cowboy hat.

10:36 PM  

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