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Oh, The _____

The NY Times gets "heady" about horror, or something. It's the same impetus as the Sunn article from last week, really, just more apalling. Broken down: horror is fundamentally - necessarily? - irreputable, because it appeals to instinct over intellect (seriously?). Horror is "nonaspirational." After that, it's basically a book review.

I've spent a lot of mental energy thinking about horror, but just because I have the propensity to think about and spew those thoughts doesn't mean that I go through a different emotional experience than the "teenagers, slackers and fatalists" that don't think about it. I'm just more concerned with acknowledging those emotions, trying to parse out where they're coming from and trying to figure out what they mean. The article comes about a half-step short of "love the band, hate the fans."

Other things I am looking forward to hearing the NY Times' definitively and logico-philosophically relegate to the chambers of the Dirty, Classless, Undereducated Betwetters and Halfwits that I identify with by way of my Psychically Retarded and Unrealistic Concerns:

Lower Tier:

- psychedelic drugs
- pornography
- dancing

Upper Tier:

- sex without procreation
- subculture, generally speaking


Blogger Timh said...

I was going to say "At least the Sunn0)) article wasn't directly condescending by the end of the first sentence," but then I looked back and I guess it kind of is.

8:34 AM  

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