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First/Last Ever Wednesday Wrrrap-Up!

Also, Espers Finally Sound Sort of Like Espers Instead of that Lukewarm Grey Water That Made Their First Record All Soggy

Alfred put me to the Empire Burlesque test. I did not like taking that test very much. Disco Dylan was more Dylan than Disco, whereas Ugly Dylan was more Ugly than Dylan (Dylan is already kind of ugly). Alfred's right about "When the Night Comes Falling From the Sky;" it's cool. But more than just reminding you of how insurmountably funny misplaced synth-horn farts are or how long 7 1/2 minutes really feels, it reminds you that while his shades & blazer getup never changed, the times did. (Regional humor for Alfred.)

Speaking of ha-ha songs that titularly employ inclement weather, the okay-to-boring Gnarls Barkley album has a song called "Storm Coming," and it sounds like when you go to the circus with your parents and feel ashamed to be alive when the flailingly uptempo lion introduction music comes on. It also rips off Stone Temple Pilots' "Sex Type Thing" ("Here I come I come I come I come") but don't tell Cee-Lo that because it doesn't sound like he knows. "Crazy" is great and fuck you yes I am reading more Philip K. Dick and I don't care what anyone says about dumb costumes (check), I am fully in support of a #1 single about being shredded to pieces by paranoia.

In that respect, they've somehow outdone Scott Walker at his own game, or at least street hockey to The Drift's ice; Walker's sense of humor deflates to an empty room. Well, he's in the corner punching a side of beef with a contact mic on it, but whatever. I like it, but Tilt came out 11 years ago; I can keep my pants on for a little while with this one.


Blogger Alfred said...

But "I Remember You"! "Tight Conection to My Heart"! "Something's Burning, Baby"!

9:15 AM  

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