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Backseat Eternally: Time

Chubby, Loose, and Kind of Nuts: Lyzyrd Skyzyrd

Right before a rousing, heckle-strewn viewing of Cassavetes's's Shadows, the Colin Farrell Cinema Appreciation Society was treated to the video for "Rapture Riders," Go Home Productions's unsettling mash-up of Blondie's "Rapture" and The Doors's (damn, a lot of s-word plurals today!) "Riders on the Storm."

00:28 Oh no

00:59 Ha ha

01:40 Oh no, ha, that tickles!

02:18 Didn't Lester Bangs write somewhere that a man's appreciation for Debbie Harry comes from a deep, impossible desire to murder her?

04:49 Ha - no, please

Well, since it's obvious that nothing is sacred/anything goes/time and context are meaningless vacuums i.e. I won't waste my energy deconstructing anything; instead, I thought I'd just, you know, reconstruct the studio time Deborah Harry and Jim Morrison would've spent together through the beautiful words they've left behind over the years.

D: “I saw you on the corner…”

J: “Hello, I love you.”

D: “Once I had a love and it was divine.”

J: “Can you find me soft asylum / I can't make it anymore.”

D: “Oh…”

J: “Let me sleep all night in your soul kitchen / Warm my mind near your gentle stove”

D: “Oh, no.”

J: “Please believe me / The river told me / Very softly / Want you to hold me, ooo.”

D: …

J: “Tell you 'bout the world that we'll invent / Wanton world without lament.”

D: “Dreaming is free.”

J: “Let me slide in your tender sunken sea.”

D: “The tide is high.”

J: “Blood in the streets runs a river of sadness / Blood in the streets it's up to my thigh.”

D: “Just go away”

J: “Touch me, babe.”

D: “I’m always touched by your presence, dear.”

J: “Get on out there on your hands and knees, baby / Crawl all over me.”

D: “Too dull, your senses.”

J: “I’m a back door man.”

D: “It's 11:59, and I want to stay alive.”

J: “No one here gets out alive, now / You get yours, baby / I'll get mine.”

D: …

J: …

D: …

J: “Ride the snake.”

D: “Yuck!”

J: “It will be / An easy ride, yeah”

D: “No…”

J: “Ride, c’mon.”

D: …

J: “Riders on the storm.”


Blogger beta said...

and yet the wtf?? of "RR" still eludes capture...

11:50 AM  

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