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Notes on the State of Virginia

1. Vacation; sorry.

2. Did you realize that the Violent Femmes recorded the first Pixies song in 1985? It's called "Never Tell" and it's on Hallowed Ground.

3. In Charlottesville, Virginia, people don't *listen to music* like I do, per se. I mean, you go to a show if it's happening, because it's happening. And it doesn't even matter if it's particularly great or not. And when there isn't a show on, it's pretty easy to be content with the sound of birds and wind chimes.

4. 4 days worth of hours, 10 days worth of meals and 14 days worth of alcohol.

5. Circle was a band from Finland who had The Rock trapped in a large, tiled bathroom and were helpless to do anything but search for it in pitch darkness, occasionally squeezing something harmless and irrelevant they mistook for The Rock. Cul de Sac; godspeed your half-formed ruminations.

6. I have fallen under Small Town Charm again; needlessly romantic about spending a week in a place that I know has all kinds of bad molasses moments, a group of people sometimes seemingly weighed down by Straight Loungin', getting drunk and riding bicycles around. I shower less and sweat more, go figure.

6a. I know that a lot of this hinges on going to see Silver Jews on Thursday (and again on Friday and Saturday in New York); seeing one of my favorite bands - or at least the men responsible for 1998's American Water, my favorite record - is weird because so much seems riding on it - they've played about 10 shows in as many years and my personal life has been a little wily lately.

6b. Right now, I'm a two minute walk from the train tracks that I first listened to Bright Flight on, and about 12 more to the dorm that I used to play American Water in what seemed like every day; another 7 or 8 minute walk would get me to Twin Sycamores, where we used to play The Natural Bridge all the time because we felt too tough to cry without it. Another 60 or so miles and you're at the Natural Bridge itself, where I once got drunk and played mini golf at before witnessing a reading of part of the Book of Genesis set against a light show on the rock.

7. When I'm here, I tend to surrender to a part of me I don't see often enough - the one that doesn't feel in a rush, the one that doesn't feel particularly afraid of life's floor model, the one without a certain kind of cosmic noise that New York fills me with. I try not to second guess it too much, because I know it won't stay quiet for long enough.

8. A dude dressed as a werewolf shredding psychobilly tunes at a narrow burrito establishment: welcome back.


Blogger bryan said...

I don't wanna come across like i'm licking your ass, but this is quite brilliant. You should check out Georges Perec's Species of Space and Other Pieces, with emphasis on:

Attempt at an Inventory of the Liquid and Solid Food-stuffs Ingurgitated by Me in the Course of the Year Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Four.

If nothing else I think you'll find his rigor transcendant.

Good show, whatever your path.

8:39 PM  
Blogger thethirdfloor said...

i too like this. and it's really not just because it brings me back. it reminds me of you (you you), which is probably the best compliment.

1:18 AM  

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