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Steel Cage

Indefinitely: Charlemagne Palestine

I am sort of bored of hearing about Jay-Z and Cam'ron. Sorry, I would've found more links, but those pretty much cover it really. Anyway, I got to thinking, yeah, beef is sorely missing from the wondrous outre world. So yeah. EXCLUSIVES.

PRURIENT slams WHITEHOUSE in massive lathe cut dis. Dis mostly unintelligible over pulsing sheets of noise, but I think he picks on their sunglasses and then there's something about paunch and then a lot of screaming about infectious disease and whatnot.

JOANNA NEWSOM rips VASHTI BUNYAN in live performance. Newsom's harpstrings got real tight when someone shouted for "Just Another Diamond Day" at a show Friday night, to which she grumbled politely about Bunyan being washed up. Bunyan fired back early Sunday morning by having a cup of tea with her son and brushing a horse.

JHONN BALANCE and DAVID TIBET. Before Balance's death, he and the Current 93 totem had been having intense quarrels about the occult. Deeply frustrated, Tibet showed up to Balance's home under the shroud of night and released an upset fox onto his yard; the fox howled briefly and Tibet warbled "NIIIIIIGHHHT;" the fox trotted away with indifference. The 3" CD will be released on Durtro Jnana in March with a limited screenprinted canvas sleeve to fund central air conditioning for Threshold House and to appease the spirits.

CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE battles LA MONTE YOUNG. Both composers played eigth notes on grand pianos for four hours before the exhausted Young threw up on the keys and wiped his mouth with his kercheif; Palestine played for six more hours and then saw god.


Blogger Ian said...

Do this more often, please.

12:31 AM  
Blogger Adley said...

love you, hate the redesign, but somehow (now that I think about it), it makes me love you more.

10:46 AM  
Blogger Adley said...

wait, I'm insane.

11:19 AM  
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