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Fruitful Detours

Beta-dazzle on Jack Nitzsche. Get the YSIs while they’re hot; it’s a beautiful thing (writing-wise, song-wise). Man’s music gets the closest to my booze-pulse as anything could – exceptionally grand, teetering, wild, woozy embrace; I was also delighted to read the bit about death in “Earth Angel,” because I ruminated on the same feeling in doo-wop a month or so ago (still, The Orioles’ “It’s Too Soon To Know” trumps the Penguins by about five good dreams and a handful of pills, if you ask me). Always thought it was me being a gloomy perv; maybe it is, but at least it’s me being a gloomy perv in the presence of a hero.

I am on to some new things that I will share soon enough.


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