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Monday's Pall

Start with a Friday, where while all the other Kool Kidz were CMJing, I was stuck in a damp cube with people I had never met (in addition to a few that I had), a pile of beer, and endless karaoke. Miccio's "This Woman's Work" was definitely my pick for highlight, though I was proud of myself (the beer) for cutting loose the id in time to perform the Platters' "My Prayer" whilst writhing on the table and trying to wedge myself behind the large television screen.

Still, I'm a little uninspired & disenchanted with the response to Cripple Crow, especially now that's it hit AOW at Stylus. It's a disappointing, largely boring record that makes me want to crawl back into summers with Oh Me, Oh My.... Come to think, it's been a meh year in avant-hipsterism all 'round (aside from Feels), which has turned me in a million different directions. Still, I even got a little yawny last night listening to Southern Smoke 21 & Trap or Die, but I still do like the impression I get that Jeezy's voice is like heavy cream to Lil' Wayne's skim, though Wayne's sense of humor waxes Jeezy's any day, IMO. Still, coke-rap beats crack-rap; I'm getting straight bored with the WWF/Fox News bombast of most Dipset tracks (and the Juelz Santana song with the whistle is really shitty, thanks). New tricks, anyone?

I digress, but I also confess: all this music makes me want to ride my bicycle, whittle wood, & get back into watching movies, streaming the BBC World Service, and writing love letters.


Blogger Justin said...

You've clearly been imbibing along with the crack-rap. This is Devendra's best yet.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Ian said...

Oh no, he's drunk the Kool Aid!

1:19 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

Ian's blog already holds these complaints... but seriously, you fuckers. Nine writers, six blogs, and no photos? Whenever I get up there, I'm bringing a wad of small bills and the Panasonic.

5:56 AM  
Blogger Alfred said...

And you didn't mention your shattering performance of "Crimson & Clover"??

9:48 AM  

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